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"Groundhog Day" The movie

This weekend my husband was telling me he feels like he is living on Groundhog day, since the day before it is almost the same as the previous one. He is one of the lucky ones that get to go out everyday....OMG (Oh my God) I havent gotten out for the last 30 days not even for groceries and I have to say, going out is overrated....kind of.

Anyway the movie Groundhog Day was released in 1993, it is an American Fantasy Comedy, stared by Bill Murray and Andy MacDowell. It is about a weatherman which days repeats over and over again...

I highly recommend it for any English level as low as an A2, dialogues and accents are easy to understand and since the story repeats over and over again you cannot get lost. Remember to watch it in English with subtitles in English, the only way you will notice an improvement in your English is avoid translation.

Homework: Write down a film review about this movie

Remember 5 tips when writing a review:

1. Start with the film´s title.

2. The type of film, when it was made.

3. Explain the film´s story but don not explain the ending.

4. Your opinion on the film.

5. Should people go watch it.....

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